Monday, 20 June 2016

Fundamental Analysis at a Glance

Everyday, thousands of investors and traders come to iSaham to find potential stocks for investment. Some have higher understanding about fundamental analysis and some are just beginning their journey in the stock market. We want to design the stock page so that the beginners can easily identify which stock that is fundamentally sound so that they can study the stock further.

Up until now, there are bunch of terms and numbers that newcomers need to look up on the web or ask their sifu to explain. 

Today, we are introducing iSaham Atmosphere. For each element of fundamental (ROE, Profit, DE etc), we color code the numbers to represent recommendation. If the number match the fundamental recommendation, a green color will be assigned. If the number does not meet the criteria, it will be colored as red. 

Superlon Holding Bhd (SUPERLN) - Green stock

Eka Noodles Bhd (EKA) - Red stock

With this update, we hope that traders and investors can get a glimpse about a stock's fundamental, and potentially find great stocks for investment and make huge return.

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